We consider our innovation studies according to 6 contexts. When we direct this process, these 6 contexts are our guide. Main values mean more than the target of creating new products and services through innovation process. Our most important aim is to make innovation an organisational priority.


(strategical aspect)
Talent is about establishing a stronger and more talented organisation. Creating capacity for innovation requires a smart, strategical and disciplined approach.
(technological aspect)
Innovation is a social and co-operative process naturally. It means that everyone has a role to play in this process. Production technologies make distinct global differences.
(cultural aspect)
Possibilities are the fruits of imagination of human beings. Though it includes risk and failure, innovation enables us to explore what is possible for our organizations.
(intellectual aspect)
By being applied experience and knowledge, human mind determines and shapes innovation opportunities by means of turning them into actions.
(financial aspect)
Innovation can create us a sustainable future. By investing sources in a consistent way, innovation can be sustainable.
(leadership aspect)
Innovation is a critical element for leaders who must be watchful for our learning organization to be wealthy and affluent.