About Us

EL-SE is a family company which was founded in 1978. We provide service as a global supplier in white appliances, construction, health, furniture sectors and in the sectors in which hose systems are used. Our mission is to provide the best service for our customers by offering innovative goods with reasonable prices.

Our passion for technology helps us develop products which are geared to market and customer needs and it also helps us develop solutions. With our investments in Industry 4.0 applications, we raise awareness in the global competition and put our value added projects into practice.

Our company, with its almost 200 employees, believes the value of human capital and provides result-oriented workplace free from bureaucracy. Also, we help each of our workers combine their curiosity, ability and courage with agility and sense of responsibility.

With our 60 million meters PP, PE corrugated hose and 12 million PVC inlet hoses capacity, we offer solutions to more than 50 companies and firms in 5 continents.