Else was established in 1978. It operates in a current market of nearly 200 companies with 22 medium and large ones led by Arçelik. At the company's 5000 square-meter factory, nearly 100 personnel carry out production of 15 full spiral hose lines with 10 injection machines.

It has the ISO 9002 quality certificate and with this exports to six countries, It is the strongest in this field in Turkey with its capacity to produce 50 million meters of spiral hose a year. It is one of the companies counted among the world's spiral companies. It is always increasing its market with its internationally registered products. Else gives priority to household appliances and then to industry, health, furniture and consumer durables areas. Growing with every passing day it keeps track of all up-to-date technological innovations and as it develops it tries to serve all its customers. It continually tries to be better and more attractive with new goals.